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Albert Einstein

Seeing what others cannot see
February 2023

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Thomas West

The Podcast

I used to think for someone to reach the highest level of education, they needed to be good at the early years of education. If you're going to be great at advanced math or astrophysics, then surely you need to start by being good at the times tables and spelling.

And then I came across these words of Thomas West: "If a truly original method is needed, the conventionally successful student may be the last one to find it, sometimes only among those who have repeatedly failed is there a high likelihood of success”.

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Benoit Mandelbrot

the blogs

Why parents of diverse thinkers need hope restored... and how success stories restores that hope

Elle Reading - HOPE RESTORED
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Different thinkers make good spies

Elle Reading - GOOD SPIES
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the book summary

Thomas West has written three books.  As early as  1991, In the Mind's eye explored the cognitive advantages of the dyslexic mind - a good 20 years before the rest of the world imagined anything other than learning disability.


His most most recent book, “Seeing what others cannot see", explores the stories and contributions of talented dyslexic and autistic visual  thinkers in the history of medicine, math and sciences and discusses how such visual thinking is of increasing importance in the modern world.

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Nicola Tesla

more blogs

Dyslexics have what the workplace wants

Elle Reading - dyxeslexics have what the
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It's time to redefine who is smart... Just ask Moana

Elle Reading - Redefine who is smart
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Lee kuan Yew
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