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More about Elle



The Mother

Mothers are not so much born as sculpted.

It’s a painful chipping away of all the parts of us that aren't parent


The Speaker

Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes


The Wife

You’re my favourite.

I’ll pick you every time.



The Fact Squirrel 

“Always looking for useful resources, Elle has a powerful ability to absorb new information, to archive it and to retrieve it at any point in time…”

-The StrengthsFinder assessment

The Teacher of Teachers

Teachers are seldom as trained as they would like to be to unlock their Wonderfully Wired students.  As parent-teacher and teacher-parent,

I can bridge the gap.



The Homeschooler

One day we’ll look back at the home-school years and long for hours to drink tea while reading Shakespeare.  We will shake our heads wondering if mornings spent hiking were a dream. 

We might light a candle and copy some brilliant quote just to try and remember.



The Teacher

I have taught in Frankfurt, Germany; Cape Town, South Africa and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

That’s a lot of children to love.


The Author

I wrote a children’s novel that asks what it means to live here,  what it means to be African,  what it means to be yourself even when you don’t look or think or act like others.  

Copy of IMG_3630_edited.jpg

Living With Intent

I’m convinced that when we pour our best energy and time into the things we have influence over then we can begin to affect the things that we care about but cannot control.


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