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Ten Ways to change the way your family feels about the Dyslexia Label

  1. Understand the benefits of dyslexia by learning the MIND strengths of dyslexia for yourself. (Watch the book summary of The Dyslexic Advantage here for an introduction).

  2. Get your kids to watch Dean Bragonier explain the MIND strengths in this kid friendly video.

  3. Schedule comprehensive testing for your child and look for both strengths and challenges in the test results.

  4. Study your child and catch them in the act of being good at something

    • 3D toys like Lego and Kinex,

    • storytelling, acting or creative play

    • pattern detection,

    • puzzle construction,

    • creativity and innovative problem solving,

    • good thinking about thinking (reasoning skills),

  5. Talk about how everyone has strengths and weaknesses and make a point of telling your kids about yours as parents.

  6. Study the jobs where dyslexics are disproportionately successful. I’ve created this FREE DOWNLOAD for your reference.

  7. Talk about historical figures and current success stories who show extraordinary Dyslexic strengths.

    • Stephen Spielberg

    • Tom Holland

    • Jamie Oliver

    • Tim Tebow

    • Winston Churchill

  8. Advocate strategically at school. Understand the benefit of a dyslexic child to the classroom and a future employer and society so that you don’t feel you are asking for handouts. (Read ‘An economic reason for offering Dyslexic students classroom accommodations’).

  9. Become more open to the use of digital learning platforms, visual presentations, responsive apps and apprenticeship type learning for your child. (In February the Wonderfully Wired podcast features Thomas West, who suggests that dyslexic thinkers might have the advantage in a new age of visual thinking. Sign up for the newsletter to be reminded when that episode airs).

  10. Allow your son and daughter to take the time to develop their inherent strengths and unusual talents without your projected urgency and worry. (Read three amazing Dyslexic strengths that take time to form and One surprising benefit of finding school hard).

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