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Your child with dyslexia, ADHD, giftedness, autism, and more could be the next Richard Branson, Greta Thunberg, Jamie Oliver, or Elon Musk. Their success starts with a parent who sees, supports, and celebrates each Wonderfully Wired child. You've come to the right place to be that parent.



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Wonderfully Wired adults keep telling me  their success started with extraordinary parental support:

You've come to the right place to be that parent!


BA (Hons), PGC in Education, mother of Wonderfully Wired kids


I'm Elle Leher, your information broker bridging the gap between you and the experts in learning differences; helping you see the extra-ordinary strengths in your child, support their challenges, and celebrate them first!


March 2023: 

Anxiety in kids and Teens

Natasha Daniels is a child therapist who specialises in Anxiety and OCD and I think you'll find my conversation with her both informative and really practical.

Find it wherever you get your podcasts or listen right here.

Anxiety Sucks, a teen survival guide by Natasha Daniels


Natasha writes a short book directed at teenagers.

She describes Anxiety as a dictator who is  bent on controlling and sabotaging.  If a teenager can identify his tactics, take stock of the weapons he or she has to fight the dictator and determine to wage war; he or she can  defeat this enemy.

Premium Members get access to all books summar ies and audioblogs!

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Wisdom says you can’t feel your way to good thoughts but you can think your way to good feelings.


Let me illustrate.

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Elle helped me understand my Wonderfully Wired daughter's unique giftedness so much better. She gave me the tools I needed to help my daughter thrive.

Anna has grown into a confident, resilient and passionate teen who does not feel a failure just because she is differently wired.

Sophie Sullivan , mother and teacher 


The Wonderfully Wired podcasts have refreshed the way I look at kids that struggle  in my teaching and in my remedial work. It's given me renewed energy to try harder to understand better!

Krystal, learning therapist and teacher

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