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Embracing Diversity: The Benefits of Letting Neurodivergence Roam Free

A Wonderfully Wired premium member suggested I take a look at Adell Bridges’ instagram page attaching this post to tempt me…

Not only was the idea of letting your neurodivergence ‘run free’ rather delightful to me but I got curious: How would someone with ADHD view an age- old discipline like yoga?

My curiosity was rewarded!

Adell Bridges creates rather unconventional yoga sequences. Adell is interested in how the brain and body work together and how movement stimulates the brain. (Sounds like something we, at Wonderfully Wired, are interested in too!)

Her natural tendency to ask questions of how things are done and to question what would happen if she changed a set sequence by only 3% , has created a brand of yoga that does so much more than going through the usual movements.

I’ve loved following Adell’s ideas and spending time on my mat with her for a couple of reasons:

  1. I passionately believe in? the idea that Wonderfully Wired people can challenge others to do things differently and thereby innovate and explore.

  2. The idea that movement helps my brain function better is one I agree with and see true for Wonderfully Wired kids and wonderful ones too.

  3. It’s so true that yoga and other intentional movement practices create an awareness in both body and brain on the mat which can serve all of us off the mat too. (Listen to my chat to Adell for more on this!)

This month is all about welcoming change and discovery through the contributions of the Wonderfully Wired - something I think the future is desperate for.

I get to stand on a TED stage and invite educators to ask: What must we do differently to unlock inherent innovation, unconventional thinking and the resulting future skills in our children?

Adell is just one example of an adult who has allowed just that in her own work and life. She has let her ‘neurodivergence roam free’ and bodies and brains like yours and mine are benefitting because she did.

I want this for our children and for the world that will benefit from their unique contributions.

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