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Differently Wired
December 2022


the podcast

Debbie is a parenting activists best selling author, podcast host and speaker. The TiLT parenting podcast has grown to be a top podcast in the iTunes kids and family category with more than a million downloads, and a slate of guests that include high profile thought leaders across the parenting, and education space.


Debbie is the author of Differently Wired, raising an exceptional child in a conventional world.

Available 1 December
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the blogs

How to move forward from what you thought parenting should be

Available 6 December

People think I could be a better parent 

Available 13 December

the book summary

A summary of Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World, by Deborah Reber.

'Each chapter in the book centers on one big tangible idea—or as Debbie calls them, “Tilts”—that will shift parents’ thinking and actions in a way that will change not only the family dynamic, but will allow for these unique children to fully realize their best selves.


By making these shifts, parents everywhere will be rejecting what’s broken in the status quo. And that leads to moving the world closer to a place where difference is genuinely seen and valued.' 

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more blogs

Moving away from worry that our children are

'not normal' toward respecting their differences

Available 19 December
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more blogs

21 gifted Are you and your partner on the same parenting page? often misdiagnosed

Available 26 December
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