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Anxiety and OCD in kids and teens

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the podcast

Natasha Daniels has been an anxiety & OCD therapist for over two decades. She combines both her clinical expertise with her lived experience, raising her own three kids with anxiety and OCD.

I ask Natasha what causes anxiety in children and we discuss ways a parent can respond to and help our children respond to anxiety.  We talk about what it takes to see anxiety as separate from the person who feels anxious by personifying it and how that shift empowers kids and teens to 'talk back' to their anxiety. 


Join us for a practical discussion that will help you shape your approach to your anxious child and give you tools to love them well as they battle anxiety.

the book summary

Anxiety Sucks, a teen survival guide by Natasha Daniels


Natasha writes a short book directed at teenagers using a consistent metaphor to illustrate 

anxiety as separate from the person who feels anxious.  


She describes Anxiety as a dictator who is  bent on controlling and sabotaging.  If a teenager can identify his tactics, take stock of the weapons he or she has to fight the dictator and determine to wage war; he or she can  defeat this enemy.


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the blogs

Understand what causes anxiety and how it makes a child feel

Fight or Flight
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To tackle anxiety, my child must see her anxiety as separate from her.

Call anxiety names
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more blogs

Wisdom says you can’t feel your way to good thoughts but you can think your way to good feelings.

Four steps to beating anxious thoughts
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more blogs

What is OCD?

What is OCD?
00:00 / 05:28
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