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October 2022


The Podcast

Elle talks to Clinical Psycologist, Mark Kluckow and asks "How is 'Gifted' different from 'very smart'?"

They discuss how gifted kids have special emotional needs and what parents can do today to see the strenghts, support the challenges and celebrate the complexity of their gifted child. 


the blogs

How to find out if your child is gifted (and stop asking: What is wrong with my child?)

Two ways to teach your gifted kid to regulate emotions

the video teaching

Gifted kids are MORE! More sensitive, more aware, more emotional... just more.


In this video Elle talks about 1. What intensity in gifted kids looks like?

2. A possible reason why gifted kids are just more intense?

3. How to parent intensity in gifted kids by setting three goals

4. The five areas of intensity that you may notice in you child and how you can respond better to each

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more blogs

Why your gifted child might be misdiagnosed

21 gifted traits often misdiagnosed


the toolkits

Is my child gifted, a checklist

When should I seek professional mental health care for my gifted child?

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