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Schools are farms not factories

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the podcast

Heather Wells is the principle of  a Co Ed 4-18 Independent College in a very traditional education context and a struggling economy.  She trained and started her career in the UK as  teacher and school administrator with a specialization in management in Education and in Special and Inclusive Education.

   Heather believes education is about learning for tomorrow not just for exams and where individuals are seen and heard, where learning to learn is a process and individual skills and talents are recognized and exploited.

 I asked Heather: 

  • just how possible she believes it is for Wonderfully Wired kids to thrive in conventional schools.  

  • What shifts she believes teachers and schools can make to really foster inclusive classrooms 

  • and how she would encourage parents of Wonderfully Wired kids go about advocating for their kids.

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the blogs

Because children are not all the same it's time to leave the image of school as a factory behind.

Elle Reading - schools are farms
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Are all children natural learners or do children have to be made to learn?

Elle Reading - children are natural learners
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Teachers are more like farmers than factory workers moving products on a conveyer belt.

Elle Reading - teacher are farmers
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Parents are no longer on the outside of education but pivotal partners in the process.

Elle Reading - parents no longer on the
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