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Wonderfully Wired babies with Meg Faure
September 2023

The Podcast

Meg Faure is an Occupational Therapist, author, baby specialist and the founder of Parent Sense. Over the last 25 years, she’s worked with thousands of parents to help them understand their baby's sleep, feeding and sensory needs.  

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about the sensory needs of babies,  the way to create a calm sensory world for a little one and how to read and respond to babies sensory cues.  I asked Meg if one can identify wonderful wiring in infants and how to respond wisely to early warning signs and special needs. 


From Brain Body Parenting to Baby Sense

I’ve decided not to judge past-me for the times when I thought good parenting was managing reactive behaviour. We don’t know what we don’t know, you and I.


Become a Responsive parent

Every  new parent feels overwhelmed. There is so much to think of!  Will I give a dummy,  will I breastfeed… all the way to ‘will they go to university?’ 


Back then I didn’t even know how wonderful wiring would make my parenting reality extra challenging.


Co-regulation:  the golden key to self regulation

It is always co-regulation that is the key to unlock self-regulation.  ‘Somebody is super attuned to another body, and another mind.’ until that mind and body has the skills to do so for herself’, says Meg.



When it's important not to feel the clothes on your back.

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