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Understanding Dyslexia

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Welcome to Understanding Dyslexia In this course we will consider just what we know about dyslexia today that we didn’t 20 years ago. We’ll see that the dyslexic brain isn’t a handicapped brain but a differently wired brain. In fact dyslexic people are naturally better at some things than non-dyslexics. The weaknesses we see are the trade-off costs for those cognitive advantages . Before we look at what specific brain advantages the dyslexic has we’ll talk about why the world needs what Dyslexic brains can offer by looking at how the workplace is already changing to value what dyslexia offers. Then we’ll take an overview look of each of the four strengths of Dyslexia and the challenges they come with. Once we understand strengths and weakness as a package deal we will get practical for you and your classroom.

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